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Bonus Features
Outtakes, behind the scenes features, production
interviews and additional information — any bonus

material can supplement your original video.
Slideshows, ranging from a basic set of still images
to self-running presentations complete with specific
sounds and transitions, can also be created.
Whether you need a simple screener or sophisticated multi-disc set,
Boris Zubov can produce it for you in DVD Studio Pro. From designing

interactive menus and navigation to using advanced scripting tools for
more control of a DVD player, your presentation will be flawless.
Certified Pro - DVD Studio Pro 3
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Enhanced Operation
We use scripting to program DVDs that support
player behaviors commonly used in commercial
releases. We can selectively
disable player operations
during sections like an FBI
warning, trademark logos or
“First Play” clips. Remote
control operations can be
programmed to allow the
viewer to enable subtitles or
select alternate audio tracks for different languages.
Compressions & Conversions
When you’re ready for global distribution, we can do international standards conversions in either direction — between NTSC and PAL or American and International HD formats — at pristine quality using Compressor 3’s sophisticated “optical flow” technology. With increasing demand for media distribution in multiple formats, we can set up batch encoding for the web, iPod, mobile devices, and digital cinema. Metadata annotations can add keywords, copyright information, and other notes to your media.
OUTPUT FILE FORMATS: QuickTime, H.264, Windows Media, VC-1, WMV, GXF, and Flash FLV.
Computer Interaction
If your disc will be played on a computer, we can include electronic documents such as marketing materials
or lesson plans. Also, links can be assigned to open a website in an external browser.