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Original Music
Boris Darling Productions can create a unique soundtrack by composing a completely original score in Garageband using our M-AUDIO Axiom 25 MIDI Keyboard. For a more organic sound we can augment the recording by commissioning musicians.
Make The Take
Whether constructing narration or replacing dialog, we use the Multitake Editor to view and listen to all your recorded takes simultaneously. Your best delivery of words or phrases from each take is selected then combined in a final composite, including crossfades between takes for seamless playback.
For a professional audio polish, Boris Zubov uses the innovative
tools in Soundtrack Pro to edit, restore, and mix for stereo or
Cerified Pro - Sountrack Pro 2
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5.1 Surroundsound
For a truly immersive audio experience, we can make all of your tracks surround-capable. Using the Space Designer lets us accurately emulate the reverb of any space. We can save you time and money by creating 5.1 surroundsound and stereo mixes in the same project.
Complete Control
To expedite the mix, Boris Darling Productions utilizes its in-house Mackie Control Universal Pro to deliver the ultimate in hands-on control for adjusting multiple channels simultaneously. Equipped with nine motorized touch-sensitive faders and support for an unlimited number of banks, we can handle as many channels as your production can throw at us.