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Color Isolation
We use secondary correction tools to isolate discrete parts of the image for further adjustment. Whether it’s changing one color to another or removing it altogether, we can track selected areas over time so the effects happen precisely when and where you want them.
Create A Look
The Color FX capabilities allow us to apply color transformations and other effects to express a specific mood, tone, or visual style. Choose from presets such as Warm Glow, Day for Night, Bleach Bypass, and Printer Lights. Or we can create a completely custom look by constructing an “effects node tree” from scratch.
When it’s time to give your project a memorable look, Boris Zubov exports it to the Color application to perform sophisticated correction, grading and addition of color FX.
Certified Pro - Color
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Primary Correction
First, we perform global adjustments on the entire image in
a frame, shot, or sequence. Color wheels are utilized to
adjust highlights, midtones,
and shadows independently
of each other. We use the
innovative 3-D Color scope

to monitor chrominance and
luminance values in a single
view while we make fine-
grained color adjustments.

Boris Darling Productions emphasizes the use of calibrated monitors for the most accurate and consistent results. All Color projects are done on two Apple Cinema HD Display Monitors. Calibrations are constantly updated using a Pantone Huey PRO with its built in light sensor that enables consistency in any lighting condition. An additional SONY RGB Monitor is used to keep black levels consistent between LCD and CRT screens.