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Video In Motion
We can eliminate handheld camera jitters or bumps by applying SmoothCam to correct that shaky shot. Our use of advance tracking tools can attach text or any other graphic element to a moving object in your video clip. And when you need slow-mo, time remapping, or speed change ramps, we utilize Motion’s “optical flow” technology to keep it crisp and clear.
Keep It Moving
Using a combination of behaviors and keyframe animation,
Boris Darling Productions maximizes Motion’s capability of
moving graphics in multiple layers with sub-pixel accuracy.
Adding filters like distortion, blur or
de-saturation creates elegant styles.
Combined with more sophisticated
effects such as Underwater, Glass
Block, or Insect Eye, we can achieve
creative and unique results.
Particles & Paint Strokes
We use particles to create animated backgrounds or real-world effects like fog, water and explosions. To add more zing, we can animate a simple brush stroke into neon swirls, floating sparkles, or glowing trails.
Visual excitement is added to your project with dynamic 2-D and 3-D graphics created by Boris Zubov in Motion. He offers a large variety of high-quality filters, effects, particle emitters, and vector-based paint strokes to spice up any production.
Certified Pro - Motion 3
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3-D Motion Graphics
Boris Darling Productions takes you into new dimensions of creativity. Our utilization of the virtual camera makes it possible to fly through 3-D space. We can even set up multiple cameras and cut between angles to create dynamic multicamera animations. Animating lights with control over intensity, falloff, color, and movement creates additional drama.
Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
We can easily import your vector-based Illustrator files or layered Photoshop graphics to add animation to existing artwork.